Sunday, June 5, 2016

Discussion Blog

Are apps helpful of harmful?
Apps are both good and bad, they help us to do many things faster and give us easier access to more information, but they can also be a huge distraction and cause people to nit function as well in school or work. The question is, do the pros out weigh the cons or is it the other way around? 
This graph shows he correlation of phone usage in class and a decrease in class grade. This is obviously a bad thing. A downside to this graph is that it only shows the effect of cellphones in lectures in one type of class (astronomy). But I know that having an app like google translate can help in a language class to look up a word or two, so the argument could go either way.

Is it okay to eat meat?
I, myself am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but when I take time to think about it eating meat seems very unethical to me. When you break it down its killing, or someone else killing a living creature and cutting it up into smaller pieces so you can eat it. And we do this simply because we like the way that that animal tastes.On the other side of the argument, humans were evolved to be omnivores and if we were evolved to eat meat and vegetables and other things, that what we should do. Do you consider lions immoral for hunting and eating gazelles? If it is considered okay for other predators to hunt and eat pray, then it should be okay for humans to do the same thing.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Media Ownership

As print newspapers and television agencies are quickly becoming irrelevant in our modern world, digital media has risen to the primary source for most people to get their news. Many people beleive that the traditional new agencies are now losing power due to the fact that there are just so many news sites on the internet, but this is not true. Almost all media that we look at is controlled by a very small group of powerful companies.

This graphic shows that even though we have more content available to us than we used to, we are actually getting our information through a fewer variety of sources. There are pros and cons to this, I'll start by listing some of the pros. One of the pros is that it is easier for the consumer (that's us) to get information, with only a few companies owning everything it makes it easier to find the news that you want. Another advantage is that with all of the money that the big media companies are getting they can take advantage of newer and emerging technology. Now for the cons, One con is that the big media companies can put basically whatever bias they want into their stories. Even though you are getting the news the news that you are reading might try to persuade you about the issue you are reading about. A second con is that the companies are more focused on making money than producing good stories, this also makes them very focused on ads for companies. The third and final con that I will list is that the big companies can silence the viewpoints of smaller companies that don't agree with them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Social Impact of Satirical News

I feel that it is very apparent that knowing the news should be a priority in everyone's lives, and although most people get news somehow, whether it be by watching it on TV or through social media or by a different outlet, it seems that we as a nation are still not informed to the level that we should be. There are a couple reasons for this. One reason is that new agencies cant fit everything into their program, so they only show you the interesting stuff that will hook the viewer and boost the ratings. Another reason that we aren't as informed as we should be is because many people find regular news to be boring, and so although they are watching it they aren't retaining all of the information because they are not entertained. This is where satire comes into play, shows like The Daily Show or The Nightly Show still give you the news (in a much more condensed fashion than the typical news broadcasting agencies) but they add in humor, which keeps you entertained. another benefit to comedic new programs is the honesty that they can incorporate. The hosts can be very upfront with what they think about a issue and as long as they give their opinion a joke format the public is generally okay with it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

News source

The purpose of my news source (the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore) is to give the viewer some news but mainly to entertain them. In my opinion the point of news is purely to inform the public about recent events that could have an effect on them or their lifestyle. And although The Nightly Show does more than just inform the viewer I believe that it is a very good way to get news out to people because it is much easier to me personally to watch shows like this or The Daily Show than it is to watch actual news programs. Most of the time watching regular news programs without comedy mixed in is just dry and boring and I will usually either tune them out and do something else or change the channel. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Choice is a thing that everyone want to have available to them, but when given unlimited choice people usually have no idea what to do with it, or they find a new system and make that system rigid with nearly no room for change. One example of this is when a teacher doesn't give a seating chart to a class, each student then finds a place to sit and they usually don't move. The students we given nearly unlimited choices for how they could arrange themselves, they had enough choice to change the way they were sitting every if they wanted to, but they don't, they find a place to sit and stay in that same seat for the rest of the quarter/ semester/ however long the class is.

Accordant to The Economist  "Free choice is the basis on which markets work, driving competition and generating economic growth. It is the cornerstone of liberal democracy." And I believe this to be true, but with all this choice people have come to expect much more than they have expected ever before. "Expectations have been inflated to such an extent that people think the perfect choice exists." I believe that this is horrible, there is too many choices and with all of these choices we will always end up disappointed and wondering if we made the right choice. But at the same time choice is a necessary thing, we need it to function well both as individual humans and as a society. This leads to the question, what amount of choice is the right amount? Unfortunately I don't think that there is a clear-cut answer to this question, because the answer will differ in every situation and will also differ depending on the person. One life coach suggests sticking to the choices that matter and eliminating the rest. I think that this means that you should consider all the choices and all of the options on important life decisions, but no matter what choice you make stick with it and don't try to reconsider your other options.